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Meeting Date: 1/16/2019 - 3:30 PM
Category: Oral Reports
Type: Info
Subject: 9.3 Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees
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Recommendation: It is recommended that the Student Representatives from the school sites present their reports to the Board of Trustees on the events and activities for each respective school site.

Trustee Stafford will introduce Heritage High School student representative(s) - Andrea Gonzalez and Angelica Valdivia.

Trustee Freeman will introduce the Paloma Valley High School student representative(s) - Marizel Carin and Kaley Millar.

Trustee Nelissen will introduce Perris High School student representative(s) - Erendida Corona and Melanie Calderon.

Trustee Araux will introduce Pinacate Middle School student representative(s) - Matthew Crosby and Neilyn Estrella Lopez.
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Lori Ortell - Executive Assistant
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Grant Bennett - Superintendent